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does aging affect your teeth

How Aging Can Affect Your Teeth

Mark Twain once said, “Do not complain about growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.” However, when aging changes the ways your body feels and acts, it can be hard not to utter the occasional complaint. For example, did you know how aging could affect your teeth? More importantly, do you know how …

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how should you prepare for your oral surgery

Tips for Preparing for Your Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a normal part of adult life, but it’s also common to be a little anxious about your upcoming procedure. This is true even if you are excited about the future results or don’t usually worry about the dentist. Many of our patients ease their apprehension by asking how to prepare for the …

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Why You Should Get Dental Sealants

Our dentists are great at restoring the look and function of your teeth. Using techniques like tooth filling, crowns, bridges, and dentures, the dentists at Klement Family Dental can bring back your healthy-looking smile. What we love, though, is helping prevent those problems from happening in the first place. That’s why we put so much …

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3 Surprising Effects of an Infected Tooth

If you’ve had an infected tooth in the past, you know how painful it can be. But did you know that an infected tooth can affect your body and your overall health in unexpected ways? Tooth, gum, and mouth problems can cause severe pain and serious complications when left untreated, but nearly half of Americans …

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Best 2020 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves To Take Care Of Their Teeth

Christmas is almost here! It’s a great time of the year filled with many traditions, including the giving of gifts. This is really fun when it comes to buying and giving gifts to children. But it can be anything but ho-ho-ho fun when it comes to finding a great gift for adults. Instead of buying …

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What to do if a Temporary Crown Comes Out

What should you do if a temporary crown comes off?  First, don’t panic.  Temporary crowns are just that — temporary.  They are protecting the original tooth until the permanent crown can be cemented into place. Temporary crowns are also used to: Let you smile normally Limit sensitivity Limit surrounding teeth from shifting Aid in eating …

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are there any home remedies for toothaches

12 Home Remedies for Toothaches That Actually Work

If you’ve ever dealt with a toothache, you have one concern – getting relief. Whether the pain is sharp and intermittent, or dull and constant, a toothache can be more than an unforgiving annoyance; it can ruin your entire day or keep you from sleeping at night. Because you want the pain to go away …

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Oral Health = Overall Health

Remember love at first at sight? For more than 60% of Americans, it’s love at first smile– but the confidence of an amazing smile cannot be achieved without proper dental hygiene. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy goes a bit further than just brushing and flossing. Regular visits to the dentist for oral check-ups ensure …

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Your 6-month Hygiene Checklist

Did you know over 91% of adults experienced some degree of tooth decay in their life? Although many view the occasional cavity as not necessarily a big deal, the fact of the matter is poor dental health can harm your overall health. Luckily, many oral diseases, such as gum disease and tooth decay, are entirely …

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Why Do I Grind My Teeth at Night?

Your jaw feels sore when you wake up in the morning and you have a dull headache. You might wonder what brought it on — are you dehydrated, did you try to bite down too hard on a crunchy food, or did you sleep in a funny position? It could be one of the above …

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