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what are the advantages of fastbraces over traditional braces

Advantages of Fastbraces® Over Traditional Braces

A lot of kids — and adults for that matter — want to wear braces for a straight, beautiful smile. But braces can be uncomfortable and a challenge to clean. We’re pleased to offer an affordable braces alternative at our St Petersburg FL dentist office. Fastbraces® offers a unique approach to orthodontic treatment that offers …

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how do Fastbraces fix your teeth

Can Fastbraces Fix Your Teeth, Fast?

If you’ve dreamed of having straight teeth, but don’t want to commit to wearing traditional braces for years and years, Fastbraces could be a good option for you. Using revolutionary technology, the Fastbraces system can straighten your teeth in mere months. For some patients, the process takes as little as six months. For most patients, …

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