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what are the causes of bad breath

5 Common Causes (And Cures) For Bad Breath

Bad breath is an inconvenient issue that can make interactions with people stressful and embarrassing. It can have effects on your social life, public outings, business presentations, and self-esteem. When chewing mint gum isn’t enough to get rid of temporary bad breath, you may have a case of halitosis. Halitosis is the medical term for …

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does aging affect your teeth

How Aging Can Affect Your Teeth

Mark Twain once said, “Do not complain about growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.” However, when aging changes the ways your body feels and acts, it can be hard not to utter the occasional complaint. For example, did you know how aging could affect your teeth? More importantly, do you know how …

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antibiotics and dry mouth

The Effects of Dry Mouth

Saliva contains proteins and enzymes that keep your mouth lubricated and healthy. However, when the amount of saliva in your mouth decreases, dry mouth occurs. It’s a common problem that affects one out of every four adults. …

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Klement Family Dental

What Causes Dry Mouth?

If you experience dry mouth, you’re certainly not alone. According to the American Dental Association, up to 65 percent of the population experiences dry mouth. The condition is characterized by a sticky, dry feeling in your mouth and throat. You may also feel like your mouth is burning or have difficulty swallowing, chewing or talking. …

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