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Can Fastbraces Fix Your Teeth, Fast?

If you’ve dreamed of having straight teeth, but don’t want to commit to wearing traditional braces for years and years, Fastbraces could be a good option for you. Using revolutionary technology, the Fastbraces system can straighten your teeth in mere months. For some patients, the process takes as little as six months. For most patients, the process takes about a year.

What Are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces are a popular orthodontic treatment used in dental offices all over the country. Their design is much different than traditional braces, and they work much differently, too.Fastbraces Rather than moving teeth, roots and crowns individually, Fastbraces moves them simultaneously. Patients usually experience less pain discomfort than with traditional braces. Since everything is moved at once, Fastbraces can cut treatment time in half.

How Do Fastbraces Work?

Fastbraces are different because the hardware is shaped differently and, therefore, works differently. The patented brackets are triangular in design and the special heat-activated wire is square rather than rounded.

With traditional braces, the crown of your tooth is moved during the first year, and the root of your tooth moved during the second, third or even fourth years of treatment. With Fastbraces, the specialized brackets and wires move the crown and the root at the same time. The triangular bracket and their special “elbows” provide more flexibility to the wire. Working together, the bracket and square wire deliver the torquing forces required to move the whole tooth in one stage instead of two.

Benefits of Fastbraces

Since your teeth are straightened in a shorter amount of time, your cost will be lower than with traditional braces. You’ll also experience less discomfort and be required to visit our dentistry office less often than you would with traditional orthodontic treatment. You’ll need to visit our office every four weeks or so for adjustments. You can also opt for clear brackets with Fastbraces so your orthodontic treatment isn’t as noticeable when you smile.

And Fastbraces are completely safe. The risks are the same as with traditional braces and with 20 years of research and development, Fastbraces have been proven safe, quick and affordable.

Want to learn more about Fastbraces technology? Check out our website or call us today to schedule a consultation.