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Advantages of Fastbraces® Over Traditional Braces

A lot of kids — and adults for that matter — want to wear braces for a straight, beautiful smile. But braces can be uncomfortable and a challenge to clean.

We’re pleased to offer an affordable braces alternative at our St Petersburg FL dentist office. Fastbraces® offers a unique approach to orthodontic treatment that offers quicker results and a more comfortable experience. The technology has been in use since 1992, and we’re proud to be a certified Fastbraces® provider.

Here are some advantages that Fastbraces® offer over traditional braces.

 Braces Fastbraces® Are, Well, Faster!

Fastbraces® don’t need years to achieve results. Most people will wear Fastbraces® for a year or less. And some will see the results they desire within six to seven months.

Many young people don’t like the social stigma that comes with traditional braces, but Fastbraces® means they don’t have to wear them as long. And since there are fewer adjustments, patients require fewer visits to our St Pete dental office. That saves money on gas and time spent away from work.

Your Teeth Stay Cleaner

Wearing braces for a shorter period of time offers many conveniences, but the shortened duration has practical benefits, too. When wearing braces, it’s often difficult to clean teeth adequately. But if food particles aren’t thoroughly removed from between the brackets and wires, tooth decay or even gum disease can occur. Those problems will require a general dentist to perform restorative treatments like fillings or even crowns.

Since Fastbraces® are worn for a shorter period of time, patients have full access to their mouths quicker. That way, you can continue to take great care of your teeth and gums, thus preventing cavities and decay. An added bonus: the size of the Fastbraces® bracket is smaller than traditional brackets so teeth are easier to clean.

They’re More Comfortable

Traditional braces can be quite uncomfortable, but Fastbraces® alleviate a lot of the discomfort that’s generally associated with orthodontic treatment. Fastbraces® are lighter and much more flexible. And the Fastbraces® system allows for gentle, simultaneous movement of the crown and root. That means a lot less friction and associated pain. The Fastbraces® system is also designed to eliminate the need for tooth extractions, which increase discomfort and the cost of orthodontic treatment.

Click here to learn more about how Fastbraces® actually work to make your teeth straighter. And please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation if you’d like to see if Fastbraces® are right for you or your child.