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Common Myths About Dental Implants

Losing a tooth isn’t some great crime against humanity. It’s perfectly ordinary! Whether you had a cavity that went too far or experienced an accident that left you one tooth short, losing a tooth as an adult isn’t that uncommon. The dilemma then becomes what to do about it after the fact. That’s where dental implants can come to the rescue.

If you’re feeling unsure about whether or not to tackle that missing tooth by choosing dental implants, or perhaps you’re already geared up for emergency dental services in St. Petersburg, FL, here are some common myths about getting dental implants, busted.

They’re Actually Incredibly Uncomfortable

This common myth keeps people from even considering what could be the perfect solution to this very fear People who have already undergone dental implant surgery can confirm that they are much more comfortable than their fears suggested, from the actual implant to the recovery to daily use. Implants are not these scary, awful mouth fixtures that always make you feel uncomfortable. They’re designed to become just another part of your daily lifestyle.

They’re Awkwardly Obvious to Everyone

You may be giving people too much credit with this myth. Implants are remarkable in how much they resemble actual teeth. Their color, design, and the way that they’re put into your mouth should all come together to create a seamless appearance. This means that implants are virtually undetectable by other people. You may find that they don’t even believe your implants are implants after all.

The Maintenance Is Atrocious for Implants

Think again, friends! There is no special serum you use on them, or fancy creams, or anything of the sort. Dental implants require the same care and treatment as any regular tooth, which means regular brushing and flossing and, for those who go the extra mile, regular use of mouthwash. It’s all about ensuring bacteria and plaque buildup don’t start causing your real teeth and gums trouble. So, there is no extra care or special maintenance required of tooth implants once you’ve gotten them.

All Dentists Are Qualified to Do Dental Implants

This may seem true enough, but some dentists have the specialized training required to perform dental implants safely and effectively, and some do not. A business won’t advertise they can provide such a service if they aren’t properly certified. Simply look for the right emergency dental care in St. Petersburg to cater to your needs for a dental implant, based on the qualifications listed on their website.

Money, Money, and More Money

Dental implants may seem like an expensive investment when considering a short-term perspective. Alternative solutions to a missing tooth, such as a bridge, can actually be more expensive and involve much more care and maintenance that you don’t really want to have to deal with, if you can avoid it. When considering the long-term cost in finances and time spent on hygiene maintenance, implants are really the most reasonable option.

Recovering from a Dental Implant Procedure Takes Forever

It is true that the trickiest part about getting dental implants is how long it takes for the implanted tooth root to properly bond to the bone. This process is what makes dental implants so effective after the healing process is completely finished, as the tooth will then be in place for life. Patients who are looking for a solution to their smile issues find that the recovery time, which typically lasts from two to six months, ends up being well worth the wait for enjoying a lifetime of reliable results. A period of discomfort can mean that you have a set of stable teeth, each keeping it their proper place and providing you a strong bite and a seamless smile.

Don’t let the myths about dental implants prevent you from properly considering this viable option for how to deal with an accident or emergency dental services in St. Petersburg, FL. The right dental solution to your missing tooth is just around the corner. Reliable dental services can help you understand your options and how you can move forward in managing your smile the smart way. Contact your local dentist today and find out why dental implants are a great solution for finding your perfect smile.