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Klement Family Dental: One of the Tampa Bay Times’ Best Places to Work

Every year, The Tampa Bay Times awards select businesses the great honor of a 2018 Top Workplaces Award. This year, on April 8, Klement Family Dental was among the honor recipients. The Top Workplaces Award is an honor reflecting that the family dynamic of Klement Family Dental is welcomed and valued throughout the Klement team of exceptional employees. From routine care to emergency dental office services in St. Petersburg, this award proves that Klement Family Dental is among the best of the best.

Employees Speak for Themselves

The remarkable thing about this award is that it’s determined by employee votes and feedback. The nominated businesses are carefully considered to decide which ones truly exemplify the right qualities to be declared an exceptional workplace. Employee surveys gathered a host of information that scored each business in the following categories:

  • Connection
  • Management
  • Alignment
  • Effectiveness

Connection was evaluated in relation to how much employees felt that their work was meaningful as well as appreciated by their peers, bosses,and clients. Management was scored based on how well they prioritized helping their teams grow and meet personal goals, along with how meaningfully management was invested in and concerned for the wellbeing of their employees. To score well in alignment meant that employees felt a strong belief in the company’s vision, direction, and values in the short and long term. The final category, effectiveness, was where employees ranked their business on how well things were operating overall, as well as how well communication, innovation, and idea sharing were welcomed within the workplace.

Klement Family Dental scored well in all of these areas, putting them in 20th place among the top 50 small-sized businesses that made the list in the Tampa Bay area.

Top Workplaces Award 2

Top Workplaces Award Winners Attract Better Staff

The survey data is collected and analyzed through a third-party group, Energage, LLC (formerly known as WorkplaceDynamics). Energage leading innovator of employee engagement technology tools and provides the workplace surveys to businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of fields in the Tampa Bay area.

The CEO of Energage, Doug Claffey, states that earning this award says more about the employees than just the company itself. Businesses that earn a Top Workplaces Award, according to the data, are also businesses that attract better talent in their field, experience a much lower turnover rate, and are much more effective at delivering on their desired goals. These are the businesses where employees are thriving because leadership is making it a top priority. As a result, employees want to continue working there, creating an excellent cycle of growth and success for the company. The Top Workplaces Award is a sign of a company’s life, growth, and longevity. Claffey also emphasizes that this isn’t the type of award that money can buy. The results are in the numbers, so earnest employee reviews are the only way to make the list.

A Great Honor for a Thriving Team

Klement Family Dental, based out of St. Petersburg, FL, is honored and humbled to receive this prestigious award. Dr. Tom Klement, CEO of Klement Family Dental, holds as his mission the effort and success of building a strong and vibrant workplace where all team members participate in achieving goals. It’s a reflection of the hard work our team has put into creating a meaningful, productive, and well-understood company culture where employees feel valued, and recognize that the work they are doing impacts others. For family dentistry or for emergency dental service in St. Petersburg, there’s no better option around than the team at Klement Family Dental.