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Why Summer Is an Ideal Time to Get Braces

Klement Family DentalSummer vacation is a time for Tampa area kids to play and take a break from the hectic pace of school. It’s also the perfect time to plan dental appointments. Scheduling major dental work during the summer, such as getting fitted for braces or having wisdom teeth removed, lets you and your child take advantage of free time to have dental work done.

If you are considering orthodontics for your child, remember that braces provide much more than a beautiful smile. They can greatly impact your child’s oral health and may prevent problems like tooth decay, tooth loss and even gum disease. Crooked, crowded teeth may make it more difficult for your child to properly brush and floss teeth and gums.

Here’s why summer is the best time to get braces:

1. More free time – School’s out, which means your child won’t have to miss school for placement or checkups. Plus, if your child gets her braces on during the summer, chances are her removal and follow-up appointments will fall during the summer as well.

2. More time to adjust – It can take a little time to adjust to braces, and your child will appreciate having the summer months to familiarize himself with new habits. This process may include avoiding certain sticky or hard foods such as popcorn and gum or chopping foods like apples into small pieces before eating.

Be sure to tell your child to brush in and around the wires and use specialized flossers. Food particles may get stuck in hard-to-reach places beneath wires and brackets, and having braces can make it impossible to use regular floss.

3. More time to get comfortable – Getting braces in the summer will also allow your child more time to get used to how he looks and feels with them on. That way, when it’s time to go back to school, he’ll be more confident in her own skin.

You may also want to schedule your child’s other dental procedures, like having her wisdom teeth removed, in the summer. Emerging wisdom teeth may lead to many other dental problems, including damage to nearby teeth, pushing teeth out of alignment and tooth decay. Recovery time can be quick; however, scheduling your child’s wisdom teeth extraction in the summer will ensure she doesn’t miss school if she experiences more swelling or an extended recovery time.

Summer vacation is a time of fun and recreation for most kids, but it’s also a great time to take care of your child’s oral health needs. She can recuperate if necessary and relax without the worry of missed classes and school work to make up.