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Best New Tools for Clean Braces

Basic brushing and flossing aren’t enough to keep braces as clean as they should be. From brackets to ligatures, archwires to metal bands, braces have many parts, and proper care is essential to avoid unnecessary issues. With braces, it’s important to brush after every meal. If you can’t brush on the go, then carry mouth rinse or floss with you, and remember to always remove elastic bands before brushing or flossing. If you’re new to braces or you’re struggling to keep your braces clean and debris free, then check out these tools for maintaining clean braces.

Types of Floss for Braces

The wires on braces prevent traditional floss from reaching into the gum line. These flossing tools can help you work around those wires and clean in between teeth where plaque is most prevalent.

Floss Threader

A plastic threader has a loop where you place a strand of floss and a stiff point that you insert between your teeth at the gum line. Pull the threader all the way through, and it positions the floss so it’s ready to use. After a little practice, using a floss threader becomes second nature.


Superfloss refers to a pre-cut strand of floss with a plastic threader on the end. This method doesn’t require threading a loop, making it easier to maneuver. This product also comes with a spongy section for cleaning wider spaces and regular floss for narrower spaces.

GUM Soft-Picks

Made of soft, flexible rubber bristles, these interproximal flossers feature a tapered design that fits better into adjoining spaces like those created by orthodontic appliances.

Water or Air Flossers

Water flossers and air flossers don’t require traditional floss at all. These devices use either water or air pressure to dislodge food particles and remove plaque from teeth and gums. This method is more effective than using regular floss and also massages the gum line.

Best Toothbrushes for Braces

Braces provide more places for plaque and food debris to hide, so it’s even more important to choose a toothbrush specially designed to clean the cracks and crevices that braces create.

Electric Toothbrush with Ortho Brush Head

An electric toothbrush with a circular ortho brush is designed to clean around braces gently but effectively. Traditional toothbrushes can be too harsh on the delicate hardware of braces, but an ortho brush head can safely travel around the gum line, brackets, and wires with an oscillating motion that is also beneficial to your gum health.

Proxy Brush (Interproximal Brush)

Designed to get in between the necks of teeth, a proxy brush has a compact, triangular-shaped brush head. The brush bristles resemble a tapered pipe cleaner and are ideal for reaching under the wires of braces. Proxy brushes are effective for both brushing and flossing, and they usually come in varying sizes.

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