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Root Canal Post Op Instructions

Klement Family DentalNow that root canal therapy (RTC) has been completed on your tooth, there are several instructions that need to be carefully followed to help with the healing phase and success of the treatment.

Klement Family DentalAfter RCT there may be some soreness, aching, and throbbing of the tooth and its surrounding tissues (like a bruise). This soreness may continue for several days to several weeks after treatment as it heals. Injection sites may be tender for several days.

Klement Family DentalWhen RCT is needed there are two infections present. One inside the tooth that the dentist can take care of over the next several weeks/months. The time frame typically depends on the severity of the infection, and it is different for everyone and every tooth. Typically the more symptomatic/infected the tooth is prior to RCT, the longer the healing process.

Klement Family DentalIf your doctor has prescribed you antibiotics, please finish the entire prescription even if you feel fine. Stopping antibiotics prematurely could cause the infection to come back even more fiercely and may not work effectively, or you may need a much stronger (more expensive) antibiotic to help clear up the infection.

Klement Family Dental4-6 hours after the RCT is completed you may notice an aching/throbbing sensation at the tip of the roots, and surrounding tissues. This is normal, and should steadily get better over the next few days. If the symptoms worsen, or you have swelling present please call the office immediately for an evaluation.

Klement Family DentalIt is very normal for teeth to feel “different” after RCT. “Different” is normal as long as you are not experiencing substantial discomfort. Your tooth may also be “shorter” than the neighboring teeth to allow for healing. The temporary material is pink, but your final restoration will be tooth colored and restored to its ideal height. Please chew on the side opposite of where the RCT was done until your tooth is fully restored with a post/core, and crown. You may also notice a “medical taste” that will go away after RCT is completed. If your temporary has come out please return to the office to have it replaced.

Klement Family DentalRCT saves the tooth by treating the internal infection, but it is not the end of treatment for your tooth. Teeth tend to become brittle after RCT, and therefore need to be fully restored with a post and core, followed by a crown, or bridge.

Your doctor wil go over all the necessary treatment prior to your RCT so you can make the best decision how to restore your tooth. If you do not have your post & core and crown done at the time as your RCT, please return to the office within 7-10 days. It’s VERY important to restore the tooth ASAP to help prevent re-infection, or fracturing the RCT tooth, and losing your investment.

Klement Family DentalEndodontists (RCT specialists) say some RCT teeth can take 6-12 months to heal, and may always feel “different”. This is normal, but if you have swelling, pain, or questions in general please call the office.

Klement Family DentalYour doctor will have prescribed you pain medication, or suggested a combination of ibuprofen 600-800 mg every 6 hours NOT to exceed 3200mg per day, and Tylenol regular strength 2 caps every 4 hours NOT to exceed 2000mg per day. Do not take both drugs at the same time to help minimize the chance of stomach upset, and only use for a maximum of 7 days. Take approximately 1-2 hours apart.