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Immediate Denture Post Op Instructions

Klement Family DentalPlease be sure to have your dentures with you BEFORE having your teeth removed. Your dentures act as a bandage after surgery, and help keep swelling to a minimum.

Klement Family DentalIf you do not have your dentures placed immediately, or they are taken out for extended periods of time you may have swelling that will keep the dentures from seating properly, and you may not be able to wear them for several weeks until that swelling subsides.

Klement Family DentalCome into the office the day after surgery to evaluate the dentures. We will make minor adjustments if needed.

Klement Family DentalFor the first few weeks after surgery please leave your dentures in while you sleep. Only take them out for a few minutes a day for cleaning the denture and your mouth.

Klement Family DentalCall immediately if you have any discomfort, or sore spot, for an adjustment. Sore spots will NOT get better on their own.

Klement Family DentalNo one knows how much resorption of the gum and bone you will have after surgery, and the lab works hard at making your “immediate” denture a “custom” denture to save you time and money in the future.

Klement Family DentalYou may need a “reline” or “rebase” on your denture 3-6 months after surgery. Some dentures require a reline within a few weeks of surgery, and some may not need it for a year or more. We will evaluate the fit as needed.

Klement Family DentalYou may notice that speaking is a little different. As your mouth becomes accustomed to wearing the denture your speech will improve.

Klement Family DentalIt is not unusual to have a decrease in taste while wearing the denture.

Klement Family DentalIf you have difficulty wearing a denture due to the “fullness” in the mouth try sucking on sugar free lemon drops for 2-3 hours with the denture in place. This will help retain the swallow reflex to aid in comfort while wearing the denture.

Klement Family DentalIt is harder to chew/grind food with dentures so it will take longer to eat meals, and foods high in fiber may be more difficult to chew. You may want to take a fiber supplement to help with digestive health.


Klement Family Dental1. Brush your denture after meals with a denture brush or toothbrush.  However, do NOT use toothpaste when you brush the denture.

Klement Family Dental2. Once cleared by the Dr. to sleep without your denture please place it in your denture box with a little water so the acrylic stays hydrated. If the acrylic dries out it is more susceptible to fracture.

Klement Family Dental3. You may use any over the counter denture cleaner you desire. Most patients like to use effervescent cleaners at night such as Polident.

Klement Family Dental4. Dentures can fracture if dropped on hard surfaces such as sinks, counter tops, and tile floors. Please hold carefully as they can be slippery when wet.

Klement Family Dental5. Dentures will collect stain, plaque, and calculus just like teeth so have them evaluated and cleaned 1-2 times a year.

Klement Family Dental6. As tissues shrink, saliva thins and/or decreases you may need adhesives. Try multiple types until you find the best one for you. You may need to replace it a couple of times per day as needed for retention/comfort.

Klement Family Dental7. Please call the office with any questions or concerns you may have at 343-8831.