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Protecting Children’s Teeth with Dental Sealants

Klement Family DentalBrushing and flossing are the first line of defense against cavities and oral health issues for your children. However, dental sealants are a treatment option that offer another layer of protection. This thin protective coating applied by your dentist adheres to your children’s teeth and helps prevent certain problems.

Here are five advantages sealants offer.

1. Instills Positive Dental Habits
It’s so important to establish good dental habits at an early age. Having molars sealed when they first emerge will protect your child’s teeth from wear and damage before problems can even begin. Early visits for preventative treatments such as sealants can help establish a positive association with the dentist, too. It’s important for kids to feel good about going to the dentist, so they won’t be afraid or reluctant to go as they get older.

2. Prevents the Formation of Plaque
Any little particle of food you or your child miss during daily oral care can result in plaque buildup on the surfaces of teeth as well as between them. While mouthwash and floss are tremendously helpful in the removal of such particles, it’s nearly impossible to get them all. Dental sealants form a barrier to give the teeth an additional layer of protection against food and bacteria in the mouth. This helps keep away decay between professional dental cleanings.

3. Helps Create a Smooth Surface
Most people have small grooves, pits and fissures along their back teeth. This is even true of children and people with impeccable dental care habits. While these grooves aid in chewing, keeping these areas clean is much more challenging than keeping the smooth tooth surfaces clean. Food can easily become lodged in these grooves, leading to decay and other problems. Sealing the molars makes the surface of the teeth much less hospitable to bits of food and other particles.

4. Prevents Cavities and Oral Disease
Preventing the formation of plaque is the first step toward staving off cavities and oral disease. Plaque left untreated leads to the formation of cavities, degradation of the tooth enamel and eventual gum disease. Gum disease can turn in to advanced periodontitis, which causes breakdown of the gums and underlying bone structure. Sealants for children can be a highly effective way to minimize the risk of serious mouth disease.

5. Promotes Better Oral Health
Taking your children in for dental sealants when they are young also gives your dentist the opportunity to examine their teeth and gums early. Your dentist can detect any potential issues as they arise, so that you can take simple preventative steps now and avoid more serious issues in the future. The best way to support a lifetime of good oral health for your child is to take a proactive approach while their mouth is still healthy.

Finding the right dentist is an excellent step toward keeping your family healthy. If you live in the St. Petersburg area, you’ll love Klement Family Dental. With friendly service, convenient hours and a variety of services, we can help your entire family maintain good oral health for years to come.