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Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Expressing gratitude not only changes how you feel about your own life, it can improve relationships and make you happier, according to the Harvard Mental Health Letter. At Klement Family Dental, we count our blessings every day. We’re grateful for our wonderful patients and fellow staff members. We’re grateful for the insurance that allows many of our patients to more easily care for their dental health. We’re grateful we can offer sedation dentistry to help our patients who are more anxious when getting dental care. And we’re grateful to live and work in St. Petersburg FL, a wonderful community in a beautiful state.

This time of year is full of reminders about how we can express our gratitude.

Veteran’s Day
Veteran’s Day is November 11. We appreciate all the sacrifices our military men and women have already made, and continue to make, to keep our country free. This gratitude extends to military families, who make their own sacrifices. While their loved ones are serving in other locations, they are guarding the home. They move to new locations based on where their military family member is stationed, and they live in constant worry about their loved one’s health and safety. These military members and their families are in our hearts all year, but especially as we celebrate Veteran’s Day.

Thanksgiving is another way we express our feelings of gratitude in November. No matter your race or religion, Thanksgiving allows us to celebrate our blessings together. We appreciate our bountiful food, friendships and family connections. Take some time during your Thanksgiving meal to share with others what you’re grateful for.

Dentistry from the Heart
At Klement Family Dental, one way we share our gratitude is through Dentistry from the Heart. On October 21, we closed down our practice to provide $40,000 in free dental care to those who needed it, in the St. Petersburg FL community. This annual event is one way that we can use our talents and expertise to help others. The day was a huge success, as we provided dental cleanings, fillings and extractions for people who weren’t able to get these done otherwise.

What can you do?
As this season of sharing and caring begins, think about what you and your family are grateful for, and how you can bless someone else’s life in a meaningful way. It can be as easy as donating food to a food bank, or volunteering time to visit a senior’s home. Perhaps your kids can help you pick out some toys for other children who may not get holiday presents this year otherwise. There are several organizations that support our troops, and you can send cards or packages through Operation Gratitude, A Million Thanks or Adopt a US Soldier.

Express your gratitude to your loved ones, but also to those who impact your lives who may not know it. Sharing the impact they have on you can brighten someone’s day. Klement Family Dental is grateful to you and your family for allowing us to be part of your lives.