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Tooth Filling in St. Petersburg, FL

We value your health and the beauty of your smile, and that’s why the dentists at Klement Family Dental only use tooth-colored (composite) fillings to fill cavities. For decades, silver-colored amalgam fillings were the standard, but now, there’s a better material to fill cavities, and we’re proud to provide this modern option for our patients.

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  • Jose

    “Attended my appointment on May 5th, didn’t make it to page 5 on my magazine before being called. Doc Weiss and her assistant did very well in replacing my fillings. Hats off and thank you very much.”

  • Greta

    “I brought my son in 6 years old and my daughter 4 to have fillings done with Dr. Terry!!! I was so worried my 4-year-old would not do well with anesthesia or the fillings, but she did and it was thanks to Dr. Terry!! She was amazing in every single possible way, super patient, quick and highly efficient! Numbing is now gone and both of them have no discomfort of any kind and keep saying they want to go back tomorrow to see Dr. Terry!! They absolutely loved her and the dental assistant Andrea!!! Thank you to both for such a wonderful dental experience for both my kids!!!!!! Excellent service! Extremely happy mom Thanks a million”