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The Truth About Fillings

When someone laughs or opens their mouth widely, you get a glimpse into their mouth. If you just see white teeth, you might assume they have healthy teeth with no cavities. In previous generations, it was more common to see a lot of metal in those molars.

Dentistry has evolved in terms of technology and materials. Dental implants, dentures, crowns and fillings often look exactly like natural teeth. Fillings are used to cover the area of a tooth that experienced decay. After removing the decay and cleaning the tooth, the filling replaces this area, providing a solid surface for chewing. Fillings are made with several types of materials.

Here’s what you should know about dental filling materials and how they impact your teeth.

Metal fillings

Silver fillings, also called dental amalgams, are a type of filling. The material is a combination of metals, including silver, tin and copper. This used to be a popular option because of its durability and availability. In the United States, amalgam fillings are typically used only on back teeth, where they’re less conspicuous. That said, you can still see them when someone opens their mouth. Also, some people have been concerned about possible health conditions related to mercury being released from the fillings. The American Dental Association’s position is that amalgam fillings are safe.

White fillings

White fillings go under different names, since they are different materials. You might see them called dental composite, resin and porcelain. Depending on the size and location of the filling you need, your dentist will use the best material based on professional experience and opinion. These white fillings are used on both front and back teeth.

At Klement Family Dental, we believe that composite fillings are the best choice. The material is durable, safe, and the coloring is matched to your natural teeth, so it’s unlikely that others will notice a difference.

Any high quality regular or emergency dentist, especially a dentist in St. Petersburg FL, will be able to walk you through the dental filling process and put you at ease. If you’re a patient who prefers sedation dentistry to help with anxiety or dental concerns, you can find one who offers this service. The staff at Klement Family Dental is always happy to talk with you about it as well.