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Discover the One Word That Can Change Your Year

Every year as January 1 rolls around, people start thinking about their resolutions for the year ahead. What if you could skip the standard procedure of choosing a resolution and just focus on one single word instead? According to the book, “One Word That Will Change Your Life,” focusing on just one, single word can improve your year ahead and fill you with inspiration and purpose. To discover your word, follow these four steps:

1. Spend Some Quiet Time Alone

Whether you meditate or take a walk, unplugging from electronics and other distractions is an important first step to finding your word. In the quiet, you can really focus on your deepest thoughts and ensure that your word comes from inside you rather than from an external source.

2. Ask Yourself These Three Questions

During your quiet time, ask yourself what you need, what obstacles are in your way, and what you need to remove from your life. The key is to start focusing on your needs rather than wants. For example, although you might want a promotion at work, you might need to work on a relationship with a friend, family member, or significant other.

3. Listen to Your Heart

As you think about the three questions, your word (or words) should emerge. The authors of the book, Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon, suggest rephrasing the questions and instead simply asking, “What needs to be done in me and through me?”

4. Focus on Your Word Daily

Put your word front and center in your life so that you see it often, think of it frequently, and are reminded of it regularly. Add it to your screensaver; put it on a sticky note; tell your word to the people closest to you to create a support system. This all keeps your word at the forefront of your daily activities so that you can use it to achieve your objectives.

Now it’s your turn to find your word. Use it well and hold it in your heart. Some examples of words that might come to mind include caring, comfortable, and convenient — three of the words that Klement Family Dental has been putting into practice for more than 35 years. Your family’s health is our priority. Whether you’re a new patient or an established one, we pledge to provide the highest quality dental services along with convenient hours and a caring, friendly staff. Call us today at 727-498-1959 727-498-1959 to schedule an appointment and learn more about how our words guide our practice.