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Dentistry from the Heart

Everyone deserves to have a healthy mouth. At Klement Family Dental, we’ve been providing high quality dental care to patients for more than 35 years. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford dental visits, even emergency dental visits. About 130 million individuals didn’t have dental insurance in 2012 (the latest numbers available) according to Slate. When surveyed, about 25% of Americans didn’t visit the dentist in the past year because they couldn’t afford it.

Being able to give back to St. Petersburg FL community members who don’t have access to this dental care is important to us.

For that reason, we are closing our regular practice down for a day on October 21, 2016, in order to provide $40,000 in free dental care to those who need it.

We will begin registration at 7 a.m., with treatment provided from 8-3. Patients can get a free dental cleaning, tooth extraction or filling. Patients will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend coming early to ensure your spot.

This will be Klement Family Dental’s fourth year participating in Dentistry from the Heart. This day of giving back is part of a larger, international movement which helps dental practices like ours provide free dental care to those who may not get it otherwise. While KFD is in its fourth year with the program, many of our employees participated in it at other practices as well, seeing the amazing benefits it brought to those patients who received care.

Dentistry from the Heart is one of the many ways that KFD cares about and contributes to our wonderful St. Petersburg FL community.

While the services we provide that day are limited to cleanings, fillings and extractions, so we can serve as many patients as possible, Klement Family Dental offers other services as well. That includes sedation dentistry, dentures, dental implants, fillings, extractions and regular dental care to our patients. We encourage you to spread the word about Dentistry from the Heart to anyone you know in need. We look forward to seeing these new patients on October 21, and seeing you at your next scheduled visit to the dentist in St. Petersburg FL.